Sponsorship Programme FAQ

I am an individual, how can I contribute?

The programme is aimed at larger sponsors. We do not have a mechanism for the general public to donate at this time. But you can look at contribute for how to get involved in bitcoin development as a volunteer.

My company would like to contribute manpower, is this possible?

Everyone is welcome to contribute to the Bitcoin Core project according to the contributor guidelines, however, to be considered for recognition under this programme, developers should commit to contributing a significant amount of time on a regular basis.

Will sponsors be mentioned on the website?

Yes, significant sponsors will be recognised on the sponsors page, with their company logo and link to their website.

How will I know our sponsorship will be accepted?

We will only accept sponsorships that are aligned with the general principles of Bitcoin and project’s goals. For example, projects that might reduce the privacy of Bitcoin users would not be acceptable. Such details will be discussed with individual sponsors on a case by case basis.

While it is not possible to know what will become part of Bitcoin Core software in advance, it is safe to assume that compatible projects that have undergone the usual rigor expected (research, development, peer review, and testing), would stand a high chance of inclusion. It really depends on the kind of changes being proposed. But it’s safe to say that accepted projects will have the conceptual “rough consensus” to be assured a good chance of acceptance into Bitcoin Core, assuming standard process of research, peer review, and testing are met.

Is there a Bitcoin Core non-profit organisation/foundation?

No. We will facilitate the process of matching sponsors to project managers on a case by case basis.

How will funds be managed?

They will be managed by an individual project manager for each project. Project managers are responsible for managing funds, coordination of their team, and reporting for their project. They will decide how funds are allocated. The exact details will vary from case to case and be agreed in advance with sponsors.